The Inspiration Behind My Songs

Inspiration Is Key To Song Writing

People tell me they love the song lyrics I write. Some ask about the meaning and inspiration behind my songs. So I thought I’d share some of the inspiration behind a few song favorites. My inspiration often comes from my own life experiences, people I know, places I’ve been.

Cinderella,  was writing about my transitioning from L.A. back to the mountains.  The first line “don’t you see you can’t buy me, I’m not for sale”, has been favored by many.

Sea of Cortez, a favorite among everyone, is about the Baha region of Mexico, a place I love. I have a chance to play in Mexico this year with an old friend that invited me there and am looking forward to returning.

Simple Girl, well that’s me! I think about myself as a simple girl, in a grown up world, with a head full of dreams. Maybe some of you feel the same way?


Rose Merrill