Gig Moments

The Girl At The Gig

I played a gig last month, and this little girl is standing in front of me holding her daddy’s hand. They were both gone when I’d ended the song. Soon I looked up, there she was, once again in front of me with a flower. Her dad said “she wanted to go pick you a flower”. I was so touched. I always have roses on my mic stand, so I took one off and gave it to her. She looked down at that rose and held it so delicately, and looked at me with those big brown eyes as she tugged on her daddy’s sleeve. She wanted him to tip me.

In December I wrote a song about a little girl, didn’t know her name, but my heart always go out to children, so innocent. I still think of that little girl, and the impact she had on my small world, long after the flower faded, and the petals dropped. A kind gesture that lingers in a songwriter’s heart.

Rose Merrill